In the South, where I was born, food was and is an
important part of our culture. As a child I
remember that an extra plate was always set for
dinner (we call it lunch today) whether we were
expecting anyone or not. Although, quite often
someone would come and they would feel very
welcome knowing that we were prepared for a guest.

That's what hospitality is all about, making people
feel welcome.

There was never a day that we didn't have cake or
pie ready to serve a friend or a stranger, and always
a big pitcher of tea just ready for the ice.  I try to
live my life like that today.

In my book, as well as on this web-site, you will
find recipes that reflect the food and memories of
family and friends. I hope you will enjoy what you
find, and know before you go there, that what I do
is from the heart. So, come on in, we'd love to have
you visit. Eat with us, drink some sweet tea, and
stay as long as you want to.
Chef Linda Weiss

Seasoned in the Kitchen
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This beautiful cake is one I
made from Nancie McDermott's
wonderful book, Southern
Cakes. It's a chocolate pound
cake with a pecan, fudge icing.
My coconut cake on the recipe page was
featured in the Atlanta Journal in
March, 2014.
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